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Sep, 2008





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Community Development!

Approximately 80% of Africans live in rural areas -their options to improve livelihoods largely restricted to agriculture.

We believe that real and lasting change can only be achieved by enabling and empowering local people - so that they have the tools, the training, and the necessary supports to break the cycle of famine and need.

Compafricare Foundation has assisted these local farmers “Manase Rural Community” in Ghana to process and convert their farm products into finished goods. Due to a lack of resources and finance, their school age children stay at home to help on the farm! With your help and donations most of these children would be able to attend school and reduce the problem of child abuse and child labor 

Gari is made from fresh cassava, which is grated and the excess liquid is then squeezed out. The remaining cassava is then fried with over an open fire, on a broad metal pan that has been greased with a little oil, could be palm oil or other vegetable




The result product is crisp and crunchy to taste, and is stored easily and can be eaten with stew or soup or shito and fish. Or in secondary schools it can be soaked with water milk and sugar.

Gari a well known food in Africa particularly in West Africa. A truly versatile food and affordable too. Also used as a side dish at many parties under the name of 'Gari foto'


The Gary Processing Factory stands on a plot of land donated by a local farmer. Another Gary Processing Factory is being planned in village Kwahu Nkawanda, about 200 km from Accra.


  The local farmers had long been hamstrung by a lack of marketing linkages for their farm products. The construction of the Gary Processing Factory has assisted them to convert their farm products into finished goods.


Compafricare Foundation is in the process of registering with the Ghana Export Promotion Council to further assist this community to export the Gary to other African Countries and the world and also to make the use of platforms such as trade fairs to market the processed goods.

We realize that there is an urgent need to look beyond the local market.

Gari, the most commercialized cassava product in Ghana continues to increase in production due to the increasing urban demand and export market potential. Therefore, many small scale processors are involved in the production of gari with the potential for quality variation. We welcome your suggestions towards making Gary Processing Factory more effective in pursuit of its objectives.


The Local community members are responsible for the administration of the Gary Processing Factory on the condition that the profits are to be used only for the needs of the community, particularly their children’s educational needs.


Our strategy is to support maximum number of beneficiaries with the available limited resources. Therefore we try to boost activities that potentially result in substantial produce more income for the entire community.

We also believe that our best contribution to the well-being of the vulnerable communities will be empowering them to meet their own needs themselves.



 By the next academic year starting January 2009, all children in this community are expected to be registered at the only near by school.

This will be made possible through the income generated from this Self Help Project established by Compafricare Foundation and with your contributions and donations.

Your Donation is just what is needed to bring all of this together so that those in need can have the opportunity to hear the good news!  Help us by being a part of the rescue and change!  Affect a heart today with your response!


Send your gift to:

Compafricare Foundation
P O Box 12171 Accra North.

Tel: +233 21 226421   or  +233 27 3098961


CompAfriCare Foundation, Inc
7660 Silver Fox Dr, Columbus
OH 43235 USA

Telephone: 614-940-2779
Telephone: 614-940-2779

"Let your gift help an innocent child today!"

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Compafricare Foundation is a registered Non Profit Organization, over 95% of what you give goes into meeting the needs of ongoing child rescue so that children are not exploited or suffer from human trafficking.


Kofi Oppong


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