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Aug, 2008










Computer Skills & Information Resource Center 

The Computer Leaning and Resource Center is a non-profit volunteer based training center set up by Compafricare Foundation in Ghana, our primary mission is to provide Children 8 +  access to  education about computer technology and the Internet to enhance their lives and enable them to share their knowledge and wisdom.

Computer Learning Center instructors are dedicated to peers teaching peers in a supportive, small-class environment. 




Compafricare Foundationís Computer Training and Online Study Resource Center is pleased to provide this learning opportunity for young adults and children!




These days, most of us use the Internet as our main source of information. And many libraries are putting parts of their collections online. Compafricare Foundation Learning and Resource Center helps you locate materials in Online Libraries. Once you see if a library has the title, you can click through for availability.




Volunteers Needed
The Computer Learning Center is in need of volunteer instructors and coaches, who can share their knowledge of computer hardware and software with young adultsí students. An understanding of concerns and apprehensions regarding computer technology, and patience to work out problems at all skill levels is required.


Instructors should be familiar with computer hardware, and either be knowledgeable of/or capable of learning software that will be used in the curriculum. They will assume primary teaching responsibilities in the classroom, and work collaboratively with one or more coaches during the class. Coaches are required to educate themselves on curriculum and materials used in the classroom. They will assist the instructor in the teaching process.





     Your generous gift today is providing meals and so much more to these villages and this country.  As you link arms with
Compafricare Foundation, you are providing love and hope to these unfortunate children.  In remote areas like this,  two out of every six children dies before living to celebrate their 5th birthday due to lack of proper food and medical care.  We believe we can change that statistic.  We know, with your help we can certainly make life better for those innocent children who don't receive basic necessities of life.


Please carefully consider how you can help us to expand our support to even more villages.  Then, we will see the wonderful smiles of those children not yet reached.  It's never more needed than today and never more appreciated!

Send your gift to:

CompAfriCare Foundation
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Telephone: +233 21 226421 / +233 27 3098961.


CompAfriCare Foundation, Inc.
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Telephone: 614-940-2779

"Let your gift help an innocent child today!"

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CompAfriCare Foundation is a registered Non Profit Organization, over 95% of what you give goes directly into meeting the needs of ongoing child rescue projects so that children are not exploited or suffer from human trafficking.


Kofi Oppong





Have questions? Contact us at +233 27 3098961
Or E-mail us at: info@compafricare.org





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