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  Who we are

UjimaCare is committed to enhancing the lives of abandoned children in remote communities worldwide. We have recognized that humanitarian relief rarely reaches the remote areas or villagers, even though they are often the ones who need it more urgently.

As far as we are concerned, every single person matters, whether in a vicinity of excellent media coverage or not, we believe that ethnic communities worldwide would benefit from being a part of the UjimaCare Foundation Family. Our focus on the community allows us to have a broader reaching effect in the lives of children and families who have become vulnerable as a result of war, illness and extenuating circumstances.

What we do:
UjimaCare has enumerable projects planned and in progress. We additionally work with National Organizations to build safer communities for those affected in these rural areas.

Through experience, planning and studious research, we locate areas where change can be implemented through a small sacrifice and excellent vision. We frequent these areas, adjudge the local necessities and we collaborate with the people and other volunteers to establish a more suitable life and future, by offerring the necessary skills, training, education and the required facilities.

We spend quality time with the children doing activities such as playing with them, reading to them and interacting with them so we can get a better perspective of how and what their personal needs are to better customize a response that will meet their needs. This inevitably helps build a stronger foundation for the children's future.

How We Do It
Using a variety of activities we share with them simple items like balloons, ice cream or something fun just to let them know we care. These are simple things that children in western cultures easily take for granted but to these indigent children it's like Christmas!

Ultimately, when it's time for us to leave, they hold tightly onto us, their tiny arms wrap around our legs and their little hands pull at the bottom of our clothes, begging us not to go, not to leave them! Their smile constantly reminds us that what we cultivated into their lives means the world to them. They begin to ask and wonder when will they ever experience again the fun and love they enjoyed from the time we spent together, their eyes desperately communicating their desire to be loved, for a few more minutes of our time, for one more hug or simply for a promise that we will be back.

From our perspective, it is just a single day out of our self absorbed busy week, but for them it is a moment of hope, as they begin to feel valued and cheerished from a simple thing such as a hug and the knowledge or assurance that there is someone in this word that genuinely desires to be with and love them. We serve only by being who we are and that is usually all that is required to make such an enormous impact.
Our Mission
The mission of UjimaCare

is to bring relief to all ethnic groups, particularly focusing on orphans and deserted children and families in remote parts of the world and directing people toward a new vision and assisting them with the skills and resources needed for a better future.

Make a Donation Now

The care that we provide is directed in numerous various ways. Our efforts include fund raising through donations and gifts, which are then judiciously disbursed where the needs are most pressing.

Additionaly we have a program dubbed "Lend-A-Hand" where generous volunteers, like you, can visit a project site and offer their time and expertise in numerous ways such as, mentoring the local children and assisting with construction projects.

Every volunteer acquires a personal experience with the children and families helped and a genuine ability to possitively affect the lives of people that they otherwise would have never met.

The-Lend-A Hand Project empowers you to participate in restoring hope to those children who have been removed from their families due to extenuating circumstances like poverty, disease or in certain instances, war. We are constantly growing and we would like you to grow with us. Please feel free to contact us to find out more about our current projects around the world. Even if you're unable to personally visit a project site, with the Lend-A-Hand Project, then just donate right here on our web site. By making a tax deductible DONATION now, you can possitively affect the direction of a child's future.
Our Team
George Kissi